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song by SOAK – Blud

A very beautiful song i heard today. It just grabbed my imagination. one of the finest one i have listen since days…

SOAK is the name behind a very young girl (17) from Northern Ireland. Putting Lyrics of her song . Must listen. Music is really good. chords played are amazing.

You’ve got a problem
I cannot face it
Hear the anger through the ceiling
I wish I missed it

Quit your employment
We can work without it
If it means you are not sure for it

Let’s just forget
Let’s just forget

Get up before they shoot you down
This is not worth the risk
The shouting, damped by the ceiling
And I am waiting for what this is

Let’s just forget
Let’s just forge

It’s Raining Today

It’s Raining Today 




Rain, a drop just opened eyes in the hands of clouds. When it formed everything was foggy around. With its birth clouds drummed the loudest music. Lightening glittered with highest voltage. Scene so poignant, Clouds tangling hands to make comfort, to watch its first breather, to cherish the innocence, to uphold him closest towards stars as if cheering the grace god showered on them.

Infant Drop, just missed a heart beat with this enchantment. Soon it engrossed with celebration, watching look alike around ..seeing stars so closely, clearly… realized it’s precious birth. In hands on father clouds feeling the warmth. He was ! shining, it was growing with every blushing on his face. Eager to live, eager  to explore serenity around. Drop so pure, made for pure purpose, purpose to share the life in him, purpose so profound as he was. Journey was the first step to achieve that and he has to walk that path.

Something has started pulling him down. He was realizing his own weight, force was unstoppable. Bewildered looked at clouds…  they were smiling, opening their soothing hands, submitting him on the waves of wind. lightening started dazzling .. it was loud and clear message…  Drop was about! to start its journey.


cid:image003.png@01CD9E40.4527E370For the first time he looked down. Wind was carrying him on the shoulders acting as if playing a clever play. Play of passing him on the next wave just below each other. He was enjoying it, every pass would arouse sinking, jittery feeling, then the catch… it was amazing. he was feeling secure, as he saw similar once on the same ride on waves. Clapping each other they were moving down with the wind.

Till now he was always accompanied by one thing like true companion, The music. It was music by clouds and lightening at his birth, now it was by winds. Continuous just like the sound of whistle, music that can send in trance. He likes it making assured he is still connected with what he feels as his world. But now that music was overridden by something, drop started hearing something new, something never heard till now. It wasn’t whistle, it was something very meaningful, harmonious. Something directly connecting to his heart. With time passing it was clearer, now it was more percussive and rhythmic. It was chirping by birds… cutting through winds, waving feathers, making waves hyperbolic as if willing to catch every drop coming it’s way. To feel the rain. In their eyes a drop could see how happy they were on arrival of rain… arrival of living drop by clouds. A drop soon realized he surely was at the journey of happiness, he knew it̵! 7;s serene touch can bring happiness, joy around. He was desperate to make it’s attempt, to have its share to  spread happiness around. But it missed them, birds were still moving, catching own journey, catching own group, catching own chorus of happiness.

Journey moved on like a bullet marching towards the destination. Drop, eyed downward in haze, to uncover where actually it moving towards. It was seeing faces and trying to identify the expression they had. They were looking up they were looking at him. Now he can see them distinctly over different places, he can feel the connection in the expressions. some of drop’s friends were ahead of him in this journey, they hit the faces watching towards the skies , the earth, the trees and vanished. He knew it will be same story for him too. But as he was cl! os! ing down he could see the difference in the expression before and after the it’s friends touched them.


 He had seen face with tears in eyes, but now tears was apprehended with smile. Hands cuddled to body has started stretching like wings of birds, thirsty to sink in every drop. Some started shaking legs in large groups of droplets on road, some reached the shelters to hide but still waving the hand out of shelter to feel the wetness in the rain. They were jubilant .. drop knew he can make them so.

            Something surprising was grasping his gaze, something with touch of ea! ! ch drop unearthing himself, as if soaking the drop and pampering the life within. That something was infant tree very small and eager to units it’s life with drops. They were bound to became one, to rise together, to share the life. Drop had smile on his face, mind unveiling the reason he was born for .. where he was heading for. It was new life he was about to start.. with a company he was about to love the most, she was also waiting for him. Now he can see her… it was Mother Earth waiting for him. To give him the strength, to endure him, for life henceforth. To keep him secured and close to her. She has chosen him to share life with trees. Which was going to be home, a life for all of them. The moment he strike the earth he just felt the warmth like his father. Cloud were still lightening .. drums were still rolling, he knew soon… a drop was going to follow  his lead.


Cause It’s Raining Today………   


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